Saturday, July 28, 2007


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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Watch out for Dave Gray! He is a bad trickster who thinks he can make reality stand on its head by talking and writing a lot of false and misleading things at his Online Business Alliance web site

How do you think all that wealth Guru Dave has you dreaming about will come to you? Not from selling his silly eBooks! It is quite clear now that he is only trying to create more victims, not helping anyone avoid being one!

Ok, if you fall for his verbal diarrhoea you may become a happy follower of the Guru for a while but you will never get rich trying to fool new members into paying $30 just to get a position in a ONE UP MLM. Every time a new member pays out that amount, $10 go to the Guru and the new members get shafted because they could have join NPN or any other of the OBA programs for free!

How long will the cult members be good followers, "forget about cash flow" and just be committed to listening to the Gurus voluminous bull?

OBA and the whole system Dave Gray and his more active cult members are trying to peddle on the unsuspecting will go down the drain faster than his earlier scam, where he was telling folks: "I am giving away $20" using another of his now famous ONE UP MLM programs!

$10 to Dave the Guru and $20 to your upline gives you no AdSpace of any kind but a funnel through which few will follow only to see very soon the scam Dave Gray is trying to pull on you.

Would a real friend scam any other person with a pile of lies this way?

Unforetunately, by supporting his system you become a scammer and a liar by association so better drop out of OBA while you can save not only your time and money but also a sense of reality, honesty and integrity to yourself in the real world!

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