Saturday, July 21, 2007


Watch out for Dave Gray! He is a bad trickster who thinks he can make reality stand on its head by talking and writing a lot of false and misleading things at his Online Business Alliance web site

How do you think all that wealth Guru Dave has you dreaming about will come to you? Not from selling his silly eBooks! It is quite clear now that he is only trying to create more victims, not helping anyone avoid being one!

Ok, if you fall for his verbal diarrhoea you may become a happy follower of the Guru for a while but you will never get rich trying to fool new members into paying $30 just to get a position in a ONE UP MLM. Every time a new member pays out that amount, $10 go to the Guru and the new members get shafted because they could have join NPN or any other of the OBA programs for free!

How long will the cult members be good followers, "forget about cash flow" and just be committed to listening to the Gurus voluminous bull?

OBA and the whole system Dave Gray and his more active cult members are trying to peddle on the unsuspecting will go down the drain faster than his earlier scam, where he was telling folks: "I am giving away $20" using another of his now famous ONE UP MLM programs!

$10 to Dave the Guru and $20 to your upline gives you no AdSpace of any kind but a funnel through which few will follow only to see very soon the scam Dave Gray is trying to pull on you.

Would a real friend scam any other person with a pile of lies this way?

Unforetunately, by supporting his system you become a scammer and a liar by association so better drop out of OBA while you can save not only your time and money but also a sense of reality, honesty and integrity to yourself in the real world!


MoneyLinks said...

It's quite correct to call OBA a cult.

Dave and his hand full of followers want you to think you found real Friends and Partners there but only if you look and sound like you can be had. When you realize you only pay to jump through hoops for nothing of real value, they keep your money but are quick to show you the door ... no refunds!

So sad the Dave cult followers are blind to see the real truth!

Ray Dubé said...

Hi There,

You may have your opinion, and that's fine, but I do have to ask you if you've gotten permission to use Dave's likeness in this post. Before you use it, you should be sure you have permission, I've seen many good intentions go bad when an image was used incorrectly.

Now, for my opinion, whether or not you like what Dave has to say or his products, you are advised by many to do your homework. Make sure you check everything out before you spend your money, be it online business, or offline. I happen to be of the "Cult of Dave" is you wish, but I'm not jumping through any hoops, I'm simply selling e-books, not many mind you, but I'm of the opinion that all good things take time to develop.

Let's see if I understand what is bothering you. You're upset that the Ad leasing program didn't work for you and you feel that the amount you spent for this ad space was too much, you believe that the ad spaces don't work and think that this is actually an attempt to take you for your money. 10 for the administration, and 20 for the person who sold you the ad space. This gave you the opportunity to sell the same ad space, repeatedly and you didn't, so now believe Dave is a thief and a liar (not lier btw).

So, maybe we are "cultish" but I've only your opinion here, as well as moneylinks, that say anything negative about Dave and his business, whereas there are many who work with him who find him trustworthy, and many who don't work with him who also trust him. I think you are in a rather small minority.

Warmest regards,

GilPahlow said...
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MoneyLinks said...

Gil Pahlow, one of the followers of Guru Dave, also thinks he can turn reality on it's head. You just have to suspend common logic and commit your life to Guru Dave!

Dave Gray may not be at the very top of the scammers, but he sure is very close to the very top of the Online Bull Artists - that's why his group has the name OBA.

If you like to chat online and feel safe being a member of a cult, OBA is the place for you. You will not learn much about online marketing, building your own business or owning some thing you have created yourself because the whole OBA will simply fold like his last ONE-UP scam, taking all the cult members down with it.

Mark my word, OBA will not be around a fraction of the time Dave Gray has all his cult followers thinking it will ... that's simply part of THE BIG LIE!

How naive does one have to be not to see that it can't continue to grow just on HOT AIR coming from Dave because no matter what the Guru says, he can't turn reality on it's head by trying to hide it behind the Online Bull Artists personal wish what reality should be!

The AdSpace rental trick is a BIG LIE. It's simply a ONE-UP MLM which makes the OBA program too expensive to enter since it's only a hoop of no great value. NPN is an ok MLM program anyone can join outside of OBA! Creating a ONE-UP MLM and calling it AdSpace is simply a BIG LIE which only takes all the trust and respect from Dave Gray as ever having been honest about what OBA is or how it works.

All his eBooks have little value because they teach you NOTHING about online marketing, building your own business or owning some thing you have created. It all rests on quicksand Guru Dave has sold you ... and keeps selling you till you wake up to face the real world.

You can have a much better online business in a few days from now being your own, Independent Affiliate selling valuable digital products online instead of Guru Dave story books!

He has very little to offer anyone who wants to really learn and know the facts. Dave Gray is a great Guru if you enjoy being a mindless follower of his cult and don't care learning how reality works.

Chuck & Shirley Bartok said...

Yes is a shame that good people feel the need to follow a "guru" when everyone has the SAME ability..They just nneed to give Theselves permission to Declare their BEING

I have yet to meet anyone who possseses more abilty than myself..they may have more knowledge on a special subject.

I think many would benefit downloading episodes of The Focus Society of Overachievers

It's FREE and offers Real answers from REAL people in various stages of their Becoming who They Really Are.

Funny when you think about how many will THROW money away on something and someone they know nothing about...but won't go to the Book Store or Library and avail themselves of all the secrets for a pittance.....

I pointed someone to a Bound 7 Volume set of Classics the other day for $117....Clasic that have molded countless beyond anything this Gray character will or ever has made..
Abd they said it was too expensive!

Obviously so few have a true Business mentality

Thanks for your Time and Energy
Your two MOST Valuable Assets

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